Why Are Diesel Generators More Profitable Than Gas Generators?

While analyzing the differences between two kinds of generators, experts and most amateurs will know that we are figuring out the efficiency of the engines. The prime, and almost the only materialistic, difference between any two classes of generators is the power source. Admittedly, both the gas and diesel powered generators boast of their own array of pros and cons. However, we are concerned with the commercial propriety of these generators. And diesel generators pip their gas counterparts by a huge margin. Let us take a look at the advantages.

  • Fuel efficiency reigns supreme for any business: When you start up a business, you are constantly on the lookout for solutions that will render profit; and not just a monetary benefit. We are talking about a solution that will benefit your entire business. Agreed, diesel is more expensive than gas. But a certain volume diesel produces more work out of a machine than that produced by the same volume of gas. Though the upfront cost involved in purchasing a diesel generator is relatively high, the fuel efficiency is bound to make up for it in the long-term. Additionally, with the absence of wires and spark plugs, the maintenance costs accrued will be comparatively negligible.


  • In safety precautions, lies the health of a company: Diesel is one of the least flammable of all the power sources available out there. In contrast, gas is one of the highly flammable ones. Most business firms are dependent on fire for initiating certain tasks. If your business falls in this category, then it is highly recommended to stay away from gas generators, unless you want to blow yourself up. Diesel generators also prove to be advantageous for residential purposes.


  • Diesel generators ensure a steady flow of current: Imagine that your organization has struck up a huge deal with a world-famous client. You are in the process of developing the requirements of the client in a cramped time-frame, and the power goes out. If the products themselves are time-bound, you might incur huge losses; not to mention the rage, and the eventual withdrawal, of the client. A hospital is another establishment where even a second’s unavailability of electricity may smash the barrier between life and death. Diesel generators eliminate these risks to a considerable degree, unlike the gas-powered ones.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint, protect the environment: Global warming is looming on the horizon, and it needs to be tackled at this very moment. Admittedly, most power generators out there contribute in polluting the environment to a certain degree. But did you know that gas-powered generators produce much more carbon dioxide than diesel-powered ones? Your carbon footprint will shoot up exponentially with the aid of gas generators. Additionally, extensive research indicates that natural gas is scarcer than diesel.

There are certain diesel engine related myths that recent developments in technology have busted. For instance, the fact that diesel generators are the major source of noise pollution is history. The modern generation of diesel generators produces hardly any sound, unless you venture too close to one. Thus, it would help your commercial neighborhood retain its prized peace.