Busting The Myths Surrounding The Diesel Generator

Diesel is an ancestral liquid which realized its place in the human world in the late 19th century. Since then, this non-renewable fuel is being utilized for accomplishing a number of tasks. However, most folks become apprehensive while purchasing any diesel-powered product even today. Here, I have debunked three of the most common myths surrounding the diesel generator.

  • The loud noise of the diesel generator invites the neighbor’s remonstrance: Some years back, diesel generators used to be considered the agents of headaches among the neighborhood citizens. But recent advancements in technology have reduced the noise to a considerable extent, so much so that even the torchbearers would hardly hear a sound.

Primarily, noise originates from five parts of the generator – the engine, the cooling fan, the alternator, the induction noise, and the engine exhaust. Such unwanted noise can be contained by installing acoustic barriers, sound insulators, isolation mounts, attenuators, and exhaust silencers.


  • Diesel generators are the bulkiest of the lot: This ceased to exist as a fact a few years back as well. These days, diesel generators come in various sizes. However, the fact remains that the bigger the size of the generator, the better is its build quality. It is not that the manufacturers are lax when forging a compact generator; it’s just that human limitations prevent them from attaining a commendable mastery. Additionally, the power of the generator is proportional to its size. So this argument transfigures into a baseless myth.


  • Gas generators are cheaper than diesel-powered ones: Admittedly, the upfront cost of a diesel generator is higher than the gas one. However, with the absence of spark plugs, wires, carburetors, and other subtleties, the diesel generator holds a distinct edge over the gas generator. As the years pass, the maintenance and other charges of the gas generator will start to accumulate, eventually outstripping the initial as well as the maintenance costs of its diesel-powered counterpart.


Many other diesel-related facts have been banished by the ever-developing technology, which has enabled this underrated fuel resource to compete against the top contenders in the trade. And it will continue to cherish this deserved position for a few more decades to come.


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